About the Project

The aim of the STEMKIT4Schools project is to develop tools, which will help people working with children to get them involved in developing programming and STEM related skills in children.

The main goal will be achieved through the following activities:

  • Develop and verify a guide on building, configuring and using a DIY computer in the classroom.
  • Design and develop curriculum and lesson plans for use from a DIY STEMKIT computer.
  • Designing electronics kits that will be used to support the curriculum and which will be built by children.
  • Preparation of the online learning environment.
  • Testing and piloting results in real conditions with teachers and students.
  • Maintaining final results via virtual space.


The project is addressed to specialists working with children aged 8–13, beneficiaries, schools, associations and organizations for children / parents, decision makers and educational stakeholders, commercial organizations producing educational games, universities – pedagogy / engineering departments, educational institutions, and STEM toy producers.